Developing one of the most efficient heat pumps on the market. And turning the lights on only when needed.
Both count. Both are us.

What makes us different as an employer

We advance digitalisation. For our products, services and processes.
We are committed to a future worth living. With big projects and small gestures.
We are successful worldwide. This is ensured by our strong international teams.
We maintain fair, respectful and cooperative relationships. Our employees see themselves as a big, international family.
We systematically support our employees in their development. With individual qualification and development programmes.
We provide equal opportunities and tailored approaches for all employees. With trainings and other initiatives, we create awareness and knowledge of the topic.
Do you want to assume responsibility for the future?
Welcome to Vaillant Group!
Working at Vaillant Group means assuming responsibility for tomorrow. Everyone contributes to implementing the vision of a better climate for people at home and the environment - on both a large and a small scale: We work on complex, highly efficient solutions for our international markets. And we pay attention to using energy sparingly, reducing paper consumption and reducing plastic waste in our everyday work. Accordingly, work at our company has a meaning which goes far beyond just financial and career related aspects. It is no wonder that our employees feel comfortable with us and like to work for Vaillant Group. We are proud of that and do a lot to make it happen.
Here you assume responsibility for the future - your own and that of our planet. We offer you excellent opportunities to do just that.
Sustainability We are changing the world with highly efficient products. And we use reusable materials whenever we can. Both count. Both are us.
Our vision is to create a better climate for people and the environment. Sustainable thinking and acting are therefore our utmost priority. That is not just something we say, we mean it. A look into our corporate everyday life shows that we live sustainability. This includes major projects such as our partnership with SOS Children's Villages. Or our innovative Green IQ product line with sustainable, highly energy efficient and intelligently networked heating technology. However, small measures in everyday work also form part of this. That is why our employees also make sure they turn off the lights after meetings. Many use real tableware to avoid rubbish. We print out only what is needed. There are many more examples of sustainable commitment at our sites worldwide. Our employees know that at Vaillant Group they can make a difference in making our world a little better. Join us!
Living sustainability: our SEEDS program
Our commitment to sustainability has been brought together into an ambitious program: SEEDS – Sustainability for Environment, Employees, Development & Solutions and Society. SEEDS establishes binding measurable objectives in the focus areas of environment, employees, development & solutions as well as society. Specific measures are derived from this and the results are constantly reviewed.
Outstanding commitment
In 2015, Vaillant Group received the German Sustainability Award as Germany's most sustainable large company.
Internationality Having a global team of 17,000 colleagues and more than 70 nationalities. And enabling many of them to work flexibly when needed. Both count. Both are us.
We are a global company, distributing our products in around 60 countries and we have 10 production and development sites in 6 European countries and China. We use international teams in order to respond to different customer requirements in an optimum way. Our employees appreciate the professional and cultural exchange related with this. It widens horizons, provides new impulses and promotes personal and professional development. International video-conferencing is an important part of this. Let yourself be inspired by our spirit
Digitisation Printing our own 3D prototypes. And becoming more agile in every dimension of our daily work. Both count. Both are us.
The future is digital - this also applies to the heating and air conditioning industry. We work with state-of-the-art production equipment, innovative technologies and digitised processes. Always with the goal of creating innovations, using energy more efficiently, saving resources and making the everyday life of our customers more comfortable at home. This makes Vaillant Group an innovative, future-proof employer and offers exciting challenges to digital experts. Shape the future in one of our digital teams.
Smart solutions from Vaillant Group
The following examples demonstrate how we use the potential of digitisation in practice:
Via cloud platforms, we adapt the provision of room heating and hot water to the wishes of the occupants. This allows our customers to set the desired water temperature for the evening relaxing bath on their smartphone while on the move.
We are also increasingly working digitally in product development. For example, we use 3D printing technology to produce, modify and optimise prototypes quickly and accurately.
Culture Making sustainable decisions for over 150 years. And throwing an annual Christmas party for our employees’ kids. Both count. Both are us.
We cultivate an open, informal corporate culture in which we treat each other respectfully and fairly and support each other. Our employees see themselves as part of a large, international family and feel at home at Vaillant Group. Many of them have been with us for a long time, sharing their knowledge and experience with their younger colleagues. This partnership culture is based on the values of Vaillant Group: Courage, passion and integrity. These values unite our employees around the world into a strong and sustainable community which ensures that Vaillant Group implements its vision and objectives successfully. Become part of this big family!
Personnel development Filling most of our leadership positions internally. And encouraging younger and older colleagues to learn from each other. Both count. Both are us.
Nowadays, continuous learning is of utmost importance. Keeping up with the accelerating pace of change requires new knowledge and competencies. Therefore, at Vaillant Group we provide excellent qualification through state-of-the-art methods on a global scale under the umbrella of the Vaillant Group Academy. By that we help our employees to develop in a targeted way: with job specific qualifications and comprehensive measures to strengthen and develop social skills. Overall, we are dedicated to support the continued learning of our employees as well as the cross-functional networking between them in the best possible way.
Talent Development
Developing and retaining our talents is also one of Vaillant Group’s top priorities. Thus, Vaillant Group has set up a Group Talent Pool that is designed to guide talents’ career planning and targeted development. This Group Talent Pool also supports our talents to expand their network beyond their own function and country and increases their visibility within Vaillant Group. Herewith, we qualify both, our prospective and experienced managers, and systematically prepare them for more complex tasks. In this way we are often able to fill leadership positions internally - maybe with you soon?
Diversity & Inclusion Treating all our employees with dignity and respect regardless of their background. And offering workshops, trainings, and information platforms on D&I topics to them. Both count. Both are us.
Diversity and inclusion are reflected in many areas of our company. We understand and value differences as well as similarities. We want to provide equal opportunities and tailored approaches for diverse skills to grow. We question status quos with innovative insights and initiate unconventional ways of working to flourish creativity and digitalization. Our goal is to collaborate as one team with our enriching differences for even better business results.
Amongst other initiatives, we offer ‘Unconscious Bias’ workshops to increase awareness and to support the education of all our employees and managers on Diversity & Inclusion at work. Additionally, we provide a virtual ‘Intercultural Collaboration’ training. In the training, teams learn to sharpen their conflict resolution and communication skills in multi-cultural set-ups. In our intercultural guides our employees learn about different aspects of Diversity & Inclusion, like social norms, business ethics and communication styles for several countries. In a monthly interview series we bring our international, diverse staff into light and give them a chance to share their views on Diversity & Inclusion.
We take care of the future of our employees.
of choice
individual development

Your benefits with us

Health management, sports offers, company doctor
Part-time work models, flexible working hours, home office, childcare
Company parties, seasonal events, such as Christmas parties and summer festivals
Collective agreements, holiday pay, Christmas bonus, company pension, company car, personnel sales outlet
Vocational training, management training
These employee benefits are an excerpt from all our companies. Not all services are available in every country or brand of Vaillant Group, as some of our brands offer their own attractive employee benefits.